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published: Jul 16, 2012
Pacific Islander Sportfishing
The Pacific Islander is available for local and overnight deep sea fishing trips, including open party or private charters, while fishing the most prestigious and productive areas located in Southern California, the Northern Channel Islands.

Departing  from Channel Islands Harbor in Oxnard (Ventura County).  The Northern Channel Islands (San Miguel, Santa Rosa, San Nicolas, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and Anacapa Islands) are within range to experience excellent fishing adventures.
Specializing in local and overnight excursions quality rockfish, lingcod, seabass and halibut are what you can expect to catch.  During the summer months target species may include yellowtail, tuna and calico bass.  We also offer limited load two-day trips.

The Pacific Islander is 73 ft x 19 ft and is equipped with the latest navigation systems and state of the art fish finding machines to ensure you are constantly on the fish.  Bait capacity on board can accommodate over 150 scoops of live bait in four (4) separate bait tanks.  Sleeping accommodations for 30 passengers are the most spacious and comfortable of any overnight vessel in the Ventura County fleet!  The newly remodeled galley offers seating of up to 16 passengers to fully enjoy a complete galley.  At the end of your excursion fish processing is offered for your convenience and stored in the large refrigerated fish hold to keep your catch as fresh as possible.


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